Vascular Intervention


Thrombus Aspiration Catheter

Powerful aspiration
Dynamic aspiration is rapidly achieved by maintaining a large and consistent inner lumen profile
(cross sectional area: 6F = 0.97mm², 7F = 1.23mm²).

Superior deliverability
Durable hydrophilic coating ensures minimal resistance during insertion into guide catheter and vasculature, providing for
greater distal delivery.

Tracking along guidewire
The extended 22cm guidewire lumen improves guidewire tracking and deliverability.

User friendly system
A two package system allows for the 1st operator to prepare the aspiration catheter while 2nd operator prepares the
accessories. Furthermore, the extension tube, 2 way stopcock and syringe is pre-connected, reducing required set up time.

Thrombus filter
A large size filter is included with accessories and can be fitted to 500ml beakers found in cath labs.
A smaller cell strainer is also included for further pathological testing.

Double aspiration
A 3 way stopcock is included to attach two 30ml syringes simultaneously.

Rebirth Pro2™ Thrombus Aspiration Catheter
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