For Heat Disinfectant of NIPRO Hemodialysis Machines

NClean-CA20 is an acid disinefctant, which has citric acid, malic acid and lactic acid as its main components. It quickly disinfects and has excellent cleaning ability. By using NClean-CA20, NIPRO hemodialysis machines reach the highest efficiency results proven by microbiological tests together with complete documentation and machine materials maximum safety conditions.

  • Liquid concentrate
  • Disinfection and decalcification in one process
  • Excellent cleaning
  • Compatibility with Nipro hemodialysis machines
  • Contains no aldehydes and formaldehyde
  • Free of colorants
  • Odorless
  • Biodegradable
  • 36 months long shelf life
NClean-CA20 Brochure
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