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Nipro’s Efforts toward Green Singapore


Earth, the only living planet with her key inhabitant, chiefy the homo sapiens, are constantly in threat of depletion of her finite resources. Nipro recognises this and therefore sprang into action, constantly and actively engaging conservation efforts and green initiatives.

Besides reduction of paper and energy consumption (digital signed documents, installation of solar panels on rooftops on our massive manufacturing plants), Nipro takes a step further this year to look into innovative ways of reducing and reusing packaging materials (one of the major contributors of waste).

In conjunction with the National Environment Agency of Singapore (NEA) Mandatory Packing Report directives we will be looking at a Three-Pronged Approach (3PA).

Firstly we will study the possibility of using ‘greener’ alternative and/or reduced packaging materials without compromising on its structural integrity and with full compliance with the local Regulatory Authorities.

Next, we will do our part by educating our customers the importance of exercising their social responsibilities of either reusing the packaging as much as possible or to ensure proper disposal by a certified recycling company.

And lastly, we will assess the feasibility of recollection of packaging materials to be reused internally. Why do we care? Because there is only one world that we live in.

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