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A Time to Honor, A Time to Remember at Nipro India


Independence Day

2021 is the year that India remembers and celebrates its 75th anniversary of being independent. This was also the time for Nipro colleagues to come together and commemorate. As the premises were decorated, as the flag was hoisted, as the colleagues connected… a beautiful story unfolded. A story that goes beyond Independence Day – a story that touches each and every one of us …

So why is this year’s celebration of Independence Day so important in India? Mr Ashish Moghe, Managing Director of Nipro PharmaPackaging, explains:

At the time of Independence Day, we in India want to pay tribute and respect to our former warriors who fought and sacrificed to give us our freedom. It should act as a reminder to the current generation to be grateful for our ‘hard-fought-freedom.


‘Freedom’ may be something we all were taking for granted. If 2020 and 2021 have taught us anything, it is to “never take things as important as freedom or health for granted”. The COVID outbreak has all of us appreciating the things we have perceived before to be ‘just normal’.
Ashish Moghe continues: “COVID has reminded us of those times that we were not free. Also, this time around, we all had to fight together through COVID. And, also this time – sadly enough – we all had to endure losses. At Nipro, we lost one of our own so-called warriors to COVID as well.”


Mr Rajendra Kanade (Raj to friends, family, and colleagues) had been with Nipro for many years and was highly respected by his colleagues and business associates. Mr Raosaheb Surve, Assistant General Manager (HR), adds:

A beacon of trust – that was Raj. Working tirelessly with a clear focus on helping the organization – both the junior and senior levels – was in his DNA. Even his ex-colleagues shared that the industry at large has lost a loving personality and a great leader professionally.


As the flag of India was hoisted, Raj (photo on the right) was on the minds of all colleagues present. It was with the deepest and greatest respect that our colleagues in Pune commemorated a lost colleague, as they officially planted a tree in Raj’s memory. As such, he will continue to join us on our growth journey.

Nipro confirms it has ambitious growth plans for its Indian manufacturing site and is 200% committed to the Indian market as such, even during the hardest times imaginable. Ashish Moghe concludes: “The true colors of a person or a company will surface when in distress. In spite of the tragedy we were facing, we were aware of our responsibilities and mourned for one shift. Afterwards we continued our battle. As doctors and healthcare practitioners throughout the entire country were making sacrifices to help the Indian population, we too were aware of the role we had and continued to honor our commitment to the healthcare industry, and above all to society. Those sacrifices should never go to waste.”

In brief, hoisting the flag for Indian Independence Day was a moment of deep reflection for our colleagues in India. As the flag was raised, we could think about all warriors, all sacrifices, all generations, but definitely about our achievements too. We’ve achieved the continuation of our operations, to ensure timely supply, to help our pharmaceutical industry help our medical staff help our patients.

Re-live the moment – in honor of all warriors.

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