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Nipro’s Company Culture as Legacy


NewsWeek interviews Nipro

When our Nipro President, Mr. Sano, retires and hands over the company to the next generation of executives, what kind of legacy would he like to leave, and which corporate value stands out for him?

Nipro President, Mr. Sano, replies:

My hope is to have Nipro’s culture which is Willingness to take root firmly. I would like to see my employees have their own plans and to just do them, to approach every activity with “Willingness” in accordance with our corporate creed. Willingness to adopt the patient’s point of view in order to provide beneficial products, Willingness to continuously develop our businesses and strive for self-actualization, and Willingness to create new value worldwide through the cooperation and the self-actualization of all Nipro employees.

Approach every activity with “Willingness”!

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