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Nipro Sales Vietnam opens New Offices

Notice of Establishment of Medical Device Sales Subsidiary in the
Socialist Republic of Vietnam

We are pleased to announce that our consolidated subsidiary, Nipro Asia Pte Ltd. (Head Office: Singapore;
President: Seigo Tsuchiya), has established a medical device sales subsidiary, Nipro Sales Vietnam Limited, in
the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. The new subsidiary will start operations in January 2022.

In Vietnam, an ASEAN member state undergoing rapid economic growth, sales of Nipro medical devices
have been carried out through local agents. By establishing a sales company in Ho Chi Min City, the largest
city in Vietnam, where further market growth is expected, we will build a direct sales system for dialysis
products, strengthen sales promotion support for the local agents handling hospital products, promote local
consumption of locally produced products, and provide more community-based, meticulous services, thereby
enhancing the presence of the “Nipro brand” in the region.

With the addition of the newly established Nipro Sales Vietnam Limited, the Nipro Group now has 219
overseas bases in 58 countries. Going forward, we will continue to promote the expansion of overseas bases
and endeavor to increase our sales and production capabilities.

Overview of the new company

(1)Name: Nipro Sales Vietnam Limited
(2) Representative: Nhu Y Pham Nguyen (President)
(3) Location: Ho Chi Minh City, the Socialist Republic of Vietnam
(4) Establishment date: July 30, 2021
(5) Business start date: By the end of January, 2022
(6) Capital: 3,000,000 USD
(7) Business outline: Sales of medical devices, establishment and operation
of company-owned dialysis centers

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