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Nipro Receives ISO Certificates Leading to Increased Customer Confidence


Nipro Digital Technologies Europe (NDTE) was awarded with 2 certificates: ISO 27001 and ISO 27701. In a period of intensive digital growth, transformation, and challenges, this is a clear statement that Nipro takes customers’ trust seriously.

15 October 2021, Belgium — Recently, Nipro Digital Technologies Europe (NDTE) was awarded with 2 digital security certificates: ISO 27001 and ISO 27701. These certificates testify that a systematic framework has been established by Nipro to ensure that information security and privacy requirements from customers, as well as government regulations, are met. Moreover, continual improvement will also be promoted.

NDTE had to meet certain requirements in order to be awarded these certificates. Arne Wauters, COO, NDTE, explains:

“We systematically identified potential risks for the scope we want to protect and established a treatment plan for them, through the implementation of security controls.”

A systematic approach for the management and implementation of risks, both known and new, was introduced with a focus on measuring, analyzing, and improving continuously.

While both certificates are for the management of information security, ISO 27001 is a certificate for the management of information security in its broadest sense. ISO 27701, in the other hand, is an addition to ISO 27001, with a specific focus on privacy information management.

Wauters further clarifies that achieving certification for both ISO 27001 and ISO 27701 was not easy:

“There is a sizeable investment in terms of cost, time, and resources. Most importantly, it’s a continuous effort. This is reflected by the on-going audits. That being said, it’s well worth pursuing. Having this solid foundation to build further upon will certainly help us in meeting these requirements and have them working for us instead of against us.”

Moving forward, this means that Nipro, as well as Nipro’s customers, can be confident that all risks will be properly managed and followed up on. Being awarded these certificates means that it is now easier to demonstrate this to customers and other stakeholders.

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