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A Day-long International CME on Kidney in Dhaka


A day-long conference titled, “International CME on Kidney Disease and Hemodialysis” was held in Dhaka on Monday, 29 August, 2022. The conference was organized by Bangladesh Renal Association and powered by NIPRO-JMI Medical Limited, a Japan-Bangladesh joint venture company.

Representative speaker & Executive Director of NIPRO JMI Medical Ltd, Kunio (Kenny) Takamido started the session to introduce Nipro Corporation and its product range. Distinguished speakers at the conference discussed how to avoid kidney disease and ensure affordable renal care. The sessions at the international conference were on “Water quality in hemodialysis – Correlation between high-quality water and affordable care”; “Dialyzer – Effective selection to better patients’ outcome for affordable care; and the world knowledge” and the recent trend of dialysis, with real international case studies from Singapore, Europe, and Japan.

Joining the panel was Ahmed Showki Arnob, MRCSEd from Kettering General Hospital Northamptonshire, United Kingdom; Dr. M. Muhibur Rahman, Professor of Nephrology, Popular Medical College and Hospital; Dr. Srinivas Subramanian, Director and Physician of Dr. Sri’s Kidney and Medical Clinic, Parkway East Hospital, Singapore; Dr. Behram Ali Khan, Medical Director of The National Kidney Foundation, Singapore; presented their papers and experience as the speakers at the conference.

Attending the event was President of Bangladesh Renal Association and Professor of Nephrology Department of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University (BSMMU) Dr. Muhammad Rafiqul Alam attended the conference as the chief guest, while Secretary General of Bangladesh Renal Association and Professor of Nephrology Department of BSMMU Dr. K B M Hadiuzzaman as special guests.

Professor and Chairman of Department of Nephrology of BSMMU Dr. Muhammad Nazrul Islam on the chair, the event was also attended by the Founding Managing Director of JMI Group Md. Abdur Razzaq.

It was disclosed at the conference that only 40 percent of the infected patients with kidney disease have been receiving dialysis services across the country. As a result, a large number of patients are dying without treatment. For this, the speakers emphasized ensuring affordable care for renal patients. They also suggested creating awareness about kidney disease and starting treatment at the early stage of the disease.

Speakers also urged the physicians as well as businesses to work in a combined approach to fulfill the government’s vision to ensure no kidney patient will die without treatment. The conclusion of the session had invited 150 nephrologists with high interest.

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