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12th Anniversary of Nipro’s Joint Venture in Bangladesh


Bangladesh is expected as a large consumption market with its 8th largest population in the world, as well as playing an important role as a cost-effective production base. Although Bangladesh has been experiencing drastic economic growth, there are still decent number of people who cannot access to healthcare service out of poverty.

On May 31st  2022, an event to celebrate the 12th anniversary of NIPRO’s joint venture in Bangladesh was held, with the presence of the ministers of Bangladesh, the ambassador of Japan, the chairman of medical practitioners and NIPRO management. 

NIPRO as a global leading company, has put the largest effort in order to supply high quality medical devices and pharmaceuticals, to contribute to the improvement on the access to healthcare in the country. Since 2010, NIPRO has been localizing itself by making a partnership with the local company “JMI Group” and demonstrates its commitment as a local manufacturer of medical devices and pharmaceuticals and a dialysis service provider with; NIPRO JMI Company Ltd., NIPRO JMI Pharma Ltd., JMI Syringes & Medical Devices Ltd, NIPRO JMI Medical Ltd. and NIPRO JMI Dialysis Center Ltd.

The NIPRO’s strong commitment and contribution to the healthcare society in Bangladesh demonstrated in the event was well recognized and 10 newspaper and 4 TV media released the news. Taking advantage of the brand recognition, NIPRO will take further steps to bond with local customers and seek for the further business growth.

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