One-day CME held at Nepal Police Hospital

On November 4th 2022, a one-day continuous medical education (CME) for dialysis staffs was held in Kathmandu, Nepal.

With the full cooperation and assistance of Nepal Police Hospital, the CME was hosted at the hospital by Nipro Asia Pte Ltd Nepal Liaison Office (NIPRO) and its distributor G.H. Medihealth Concern Pvt Ltd, inviting 46 staffs from 9 hospitals in Kathmandu.

“In order to provide better service to patients, we have wanted to provide opportunities to dialysis nurses and technicians to have education on dialysis service and we are glad that we hosted such opportunity here at our hospital.”, said Dr. Diba Sharma, the chief dialysis unit nephrologist at Nepal Police Hospital.

“In Nepal, education to dialysis staffs used to be provided periodically by the government leading hospitals but it has been suspended since the pandemic of the COVID-19. Our staffs voluntarily from time to time held the knowledge sharing time among staffs but it seemed it was not sufficient in terms of receiving fresh knowledge. We have used NIPRO’s dialysis machines since 2008, and that’s why we asked NIPRO if they can hold a CME for us”, she continued.

She also proposed to invite staffs from other government hospitals as the lack of opportunities to receive education is the problem that every hospital is facing. Thanks to the generosity of Dr. Asha Singh, the Medical Director of Nepal Police Hospital, nurses and technicians from 8 government hospitals besides Police Hospital were invited to the CME and the 45 staffs participated in the tender.

The CME was started with the opening statement by Dr. Singh and Dr. Sharma, followed by technical training on NIPRO dialysis machine “Surdial 55Plus”, live food lunch and workshop on vascular access care and technique. The technical training was targeted to technicians focusing on structures of circuits and troubleshooting so that technicians can make proper analysis in case of errors in daily practice, while the workshop provides epidemiology, statistics regarding vascular access and hands-on session of access technique.

Although it was the first CME hosted at a hospital, the CME ended with satisfaction of participants, who feedbacked positively; “This CME was a great opportunity and experience to better understand the machines”, “These type of training programs should be encouraged and done again”, “Understanding on the diagram and circuit of the machines is helpful in troubleshooting”, “Statistical data of vascular access was new to me and quite interesting”.

“NIPRO has been in Nepal for more than 10 years and we recently established a liaison office. We are ready to provide better service than anyone in the market. As some customer feedbacked, the education must be continuous. We are going to provide CME not only in Kathmandu but also in provincial areas and this is the first step”, concluded Mr. Tsuchiya, Managing Director of Nipro Asia Pte Ltd.


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