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Makoto begins its exciting journey Down Under


Today marked a historic moment as the first Makoto IVUS+NIRS sets sail from the Infraredx, a Nipro company – from the loading dock, en route to Australia.

We are thrilled to welcome back NIRS and Extended Bandwidth IVUS to the continent that witnessed their groundbreaking beginnings. In 2014, Adelaide saw the first evaluation of the world’s 2nd-to-market High Definition IVUS in patients.

Notably, this was where the very first NIRS corelab for data analysis was established, thanks to the pioneering efforts of Steve Nicholls at SAHMRI.

Fast forward to today, and the enthusiasm for these techniques has ignited strong interest in Japan, with some of the highest volume users and programs embracing this technology.

The future looks bright as we embark on this new chapter of medical advancement in Australia. Stay tuned for updates on this exciting journey!

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