Picture of SafeTouch Blood Collection Sets
Nipro SafeTouch, when it comes to your safety

Nipro’s medical devices are born out of an abundance of innovative ideas and technologies.

Nipro’s Safetouch™ system is a good example of this and ensures maximum user safety, whilst minimizing patient discomfort and optimizing ease of use and affordability. Our Safetouch™ system requires no change in technique for the healthcare professionals.

Nipro Safetouch™ Blood Collection Set is specifically designed to avoid needle stick injuries. Needle tip protection is achieved by a simple procedure which ensures that the needle can never be re-exposed.

  • Activation of the safety mechanism can be done with one hand, the other hand could apply pressure at venipuncture site as usual.
  • No exposure of sharp needle, as the safety mechanism is applied when the needles is being withdrawn.
  • Confirmation of safe locking by audible “click” sound.
  • Large wings for an easy and firm grip.
  • Non-DEHP tubing.
Multiple Drawing type for use with multiple blood collection tubes
20G luer adapter