Picture of Phoenix OneDS
Water Treatment for Dialysis

Phoenix OneDS fulfills all specifications of modern water treatment systems in medical applications and is designed for future standards and developments in dialysis.

  • Phoenix OneDS is a Nipro Pure Water one water treatment system with an extendable hot water sanitization system
  • Redundant pressure increasing pumps (optional)
  • Comfortable teleanalysis and telemaintenance (optional)
  • Saving of resources (energy and water)
  • Controlled by microcomputer for easy and cost-efficient system- and software adaption
  • Documentation and comfortable supply of systemic data to insure quality or qualitiy managment
  • In addition, through the use of innovative materials there are lower costs than using comparable stainless steel systems
  • Certified as medical device
  • No storage of permeate
  • Tank is sterile ventilated in order to prevent the introduction of bacteria from the ambient air
  • Excellent energy balance, as permeate is not stored.

For more info go to www.nipropurewater.com

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Reverse Osmosis System for Dialysis Applications
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