Picture of Oxim II-06 Plus & RV-20
Membrane Oxygenator - Infant

Venous Reservoir RV-20 for Oxim II 06 Plus with Integrated Cardiotomy System

  • RV-20 is designed to be used with infant patients up to 20 kg of body weight
  • Reservoir has 1/4" venous inlet connectors and 1/4" outlet for blood pump


  • Gas Escape Port to avoid pressurization in reservoir
  • Filtration System - air and microbubbles in venous blood are effectively removed by polyurethane defoamer
  • Volumetric Scale to ensure accuracy and safety, permitting work with lower levels of blood
  • Venous Blood Inlet at reservoir bottom to allow friendly hemodynamic to the blood
  • Venous Inlet Connector - is has a venous temperature probe port, more exact and precise
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